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This FREE 5 day challenge reveals how busy parents can help their children get into university by working together to make the best choices and complete a successful application. Read on to find out more.

Is your child just starting Year 13 or on their gap year? Normally, they’d be hard at work on their university applications by now, with the help of their school or college. This year, everything is different, and many students have had very little face-to-face time with their teachers.

Whether your child is considering university for 2022 or deferring to 2023, they need to submit their application this Autumn. With all the recent disruption to education, it’s important that they are able to navigate the UCAS process with little direct support from teachers.

This is where you come in! Whether you went to university many years ago or never had that chance, I will guide you through the essentials so that you can help your child decide whether university is for them, choose their ideal course and put together a sparkling application that maximises their chances of success.

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This programme is part of the Reconnect! series of seasonal events for parents and carers

Do you sometimes feel like a stranger in your teenager’s life? The transition from primary to secondary school often sees us losing touch with our network of ‘playground parents’, and when our young people go to college, it can be impossible to find out exactly what is going on in their world. Add to this the stresses and challenges of the teenage years and it’s difficult to know how to help or where to turn.

How would it feel to know that there is a group of likeminded parents who have your back? Not just a support group, but a vibrant community guided by an education professional who can give you a unique insight into that seemingly closed world?

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Online programmes

My series of online courses takes you through the transition points and thorny areas that test every family, with expert advice, fun challenges and ways to reconnect with your teen so that YOU can guide them effectively through their educational journey. Each programme is designed to link you up with people across the UK who are at a similar stage with their own children. This means you will have plenty of opportunities to share successes, ask, “Is this normal?” or just have a rant if you need to! If groups aren’t your thing, you can get plenty from just following my tips and suggestions with your young person.

Coming up

Lots more exciting stuff is planned for the next year, but I’d love to hear what you’re worried about! What are the stages you’re not looking forward to? What are you finding confusing? Let me know in the comments or by email and you may find a programme developed especially for you!

Local Lives

Does your school or community group need The Life Tutor’s expertise? As an experienced speaker and trainer, I can deliver ‘live’ talks, Q & As or interactive workshops for parents and carers in your local area – just contact me to discuss your requirements. I can take care of publicity and bookings for you if needed, too.

Why choose The Life Tutor?

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Simply put, I care about young people and I know you do too. Life can really suck at this stage and sometimes it feels like the education system does more harm than good. My unique blend of experience working with young people and their parents, in both academic and pastoral fields, means that I offer a holistic package that helps YOU to help your child thrive. Find out more about where I’m coming from here and sign up for regular (not too frequent) updates full of helpful hints and advice.

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