Help your child maximise their exam potential

Ease into Exams – a course to help YOU help your young person perform their best

Are you supporting someone who is taking exams this year? Is your young person anxious about their upcoming GCSEs, A Levels or Highers? Are you worried about what will happen if they don’t make the grades? The Life Tutor can help!

As an educator with 20 years’ experience in schools and colleges, I know what kind of exam preparation works and what doesn’t. I’ve helped thousands of students avoid exam meltdowns and I’ve picked up the pieces when things haven’t gone according to plan.

Join me and a supportive tribe of concerned parents/carers as we discover:
• How to create the perfect conditions for revision
• How to thrive during the exam season rather than simply surviving it
• How to navigate that tricky time between exams and results
• How to ensure that your child’s next move is the best possible one for them

Over six weeks, you’ll hear my best hints and tips to get you both through the season, and I’ll give you solid, practical strategies that you can work on together. You can also join a dedicated, private Facebook group of likeminded people to share your journey. If the NCT group was your lifeline back in the early 2000s, you’ll know how valuable that can be!

This pilot course starts on 16th April and we have extended the earlybird price for the whole week! (Next year's price will be £149). I know you will want to ensure that your young person has the best possible chance of meeting their potential.

Book now on Eventbrite or choose easy payment via PayPal. Questions? Comment here or email me on

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