Ride the Waves! Life Coaching for Teens

Do you know a young person who is feeling worried, stressed, overwhelmed or just not right? Are you looking for one-to-one support for your child? You’ve come to the right place.

Working in the education sector, I’m all too aware of the scarcity of resources to support students when they need it most. I’ve spent nearly 20 years putting systems in place to make things better, but I STILL feel frustrated every time I have to turn a young person away because the next one is waiting in line, or because I’m rushing off to the classroom.

That’s why I’ve devised Ride the Waves, the coaching package that’s designed especially for people aged 14-21. Clients get my undivided attention, for as much time as they want to book, and fully customised guidance that is guaranteed to help them take control of their lives.

How does it work?

As Jon Kabat-Zinn says, “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf”. Students can choose to focus on one or two ‘waves’ that may be causing them difficulty, or they can work through a programme that covers all eight, reflecting on their progress as they go along. I listen to their thoughts on the current situation and help them navigate a way forward, using tangible tools and techniques that they can take away and use at home. Coaching can happen online or in-person, depending on location and preference.

What are the eight waves?

These are the challenges I most often see young people presenting with. Of course there are overlaps between them, and most teenagers will want to work on a combination, bringing in any other issues that are relevant to their situation.

Can anyone learn to ride the waves?

Learning to ride the waves of life is all about mindset. Many young people get caught in a habitual “fixed” mindset that can be very limiting, if they believe that everyone else is fine / understands what’s happening and they’re the odd one out (hardly ever the case, by the way). The opposite can be true too – I’ve worked with many young people who have always been told they’re clever, perhaps have had some academic success in the past, but now they’re struggling to cope with the next level of their education – suddenly they’re not top of the class any more and their self-esteem takes a real knock. Like everyone, these young people need to understand that everyone has the capacity to learn, grow and improve, whatever they’re doing, but it takes courage, hard work, and the willingness to accept a challenge!

I see stressbusting strategies as an essential skill for everyone. Life will continue to throw challenging situations at us (“Shit happens”, as they say) so it’s imperative that we develop our abilities, not just to cope, but to positively thrive in an uncertain world. The learning that takes place during student days equips people for life.

How is coaching different from counselling or a private tutor?

In a way, The Life Tutor is a hybrid of the two: I use counselling methods to listen to clients and help them discover their own solutions to problems, but I also teach skills and monitor progress like a tutor. Students like this approach because it doesn’t require them to talk about their deepest feelings or past traumas, which can be difficult and uncomfortable, but it does focus on the wellbeing and development of the whole person rather than a narrow core of academic knowledge. The idea is for young people to acquire tools and understanding that will help them navigate the ups and downs of whatever life throws at them… waves, if you like!

Find out more

Could coaching help your young person? Call me on 07714 195018  or email me at lucy@thelifetutor.uk for a no-obligation informal chat. If you and your young person decide to go ahead, you can pay as you go or choose a discount when you book a course of six or eight sessions.

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