Revision – Why bother?

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So it’s the end of the week: how have you and your young person been getting on? Is revision well under way or are they having trouble getting started?

Today is all about motivation, which can be a challenge for everyone. Each day brings a new start and new ways to procrastinate! The good news though, is that even if they’re feeling like they’ve wasted the week, it’s not too late. You don’t have to wait until Monday to make a fresh start – just Start Where You Are! Go back to the plan, make some adjustment and off you go. The phrase, “Just Do It” might be a sporting cliché, but I find it a useful mantra for all sorts of things, perhaps with a choice word added for emphasis!

So what does motivate people to revise? People need to have a clear reason to bother at all. Some parents try to manufacture motivation through bribery. I’m not sure how well that works but I think that internal motivations are probably more effective (and cheaper)!

What motivates (or could motivate) your child to revise? Do they need particular grades for their next steps? Are they motivated by doing well for its own sake? (Beware of unrealistically high expectations though.) Are they revising because that’s what their friends are doing? Have a chat and find out. If they can consciously identify their motivations, they can refer to them when things get tough. A banner on the bedroom wall with a reminder in big letters could really help. And if clear motivation can’t be found, a “Just Do It” might be just the thing!

Boy looking ahead

I really hope you’ve found this series helpful. Do comment with feedback or questions, or feel free to contact me directly – there’s so much more I could cover! If you’d like access to more structured or individual support, ask me about my coaching services or look out for my next online course – they run on a rolling programme throughout the year. Look after yourselves and good luck to all!

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